Classified Ad Web Site - Milestone 3

In this assignment, you will expand your classified ads web site to add functionality equivalent to:

We will add a favoriting capability to your previous milestone by borrowing more parts and pieces from the code that runs:

Do All of the Challenges

At this point all of the challenges should be working - not all will be tested by the autograder - but we will separately check them.

(1) Make yourself a gravatar at - it is super easy and you will see your avatar when you log in in your application and elsewhere with gravatar enabled apps. The gravatar can be any thing you like - it does not have to be a picture of you.

(2) Change your home/static/favicon.ico to a favicon of your own making. I made my favicon at - it might not change instantly after you update the favicon because they are cached extensively. Probably the best way to test is to go right to the favicon url after up update the file and press 'Refresh' and.or switch browsers.

(3) Make social login work. Take a look at samples/, copy it into adlist/ and go through the process on github to get your client ID and secret. The documentation is in comments in the file. You can register two applications - one on localhost and one on PythonAnywhere. If you are using github on localhost - make sure that you register instead of http://localhost:8000/ and use that in your browser to test your site. If you use localhost, you probably will get the The redirect_uri MUST match the registered callback URL for this application. error message when you use social login.

Adding Favorites to the Ads Application

In this section, you will pull bits and pieces of the pics sample application into your ads application to add support for an optional single picture per ad.

(1) Add this to your ads/, talking inspiration from samples/favs/

class Ad(models.Model) :


    # Favorites
    favorites = models.ManyToManyField(settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL,
        through='Fav', related_name='favorite_ads')

class Fav(models.Model) :
    ad = models.ForeignKey(Ad, on_delete=models.CASCADE)
    user = models.ForeignKey(settings.AUTH_USER_MODEL, on_delete=models.CASCADE)

    class Meta:
        unique_together = ('ad', 'user')

    def __str__(self) :
        return '%s likes %s'%(self.user.username,[:10])

Of course do the migrations once you have modified the model.

(2) Add two routes to your for the favorite features

    views.AddFavoriteView.as_view(), name='ad_favorite'),
    views.DeleteFavoriteView.as_view(), name='ad_unfavorite'),

(3) Pull in and adapt ThingListView, AddFavoriteView, and DeleteFavoriteView from samples/favs/ into your

(4) Alter your ad_list.html by looking through favs/templates/favs/list.html. Make sure to add the parts that show the stars based on the list of favorites for this user and the favPost() JavaScript code at the end.