Classified Ad Web Site - Milestone 4

In this assignment, you will expand your classified ads web site to add search and tags functionality equivalent to:

Important: The number of lines you need to add to your code is relatively small. Take your time read the sample code carefully - only make changes that you understand. Wholesale cutting and pasting sample code will make it almost impossible to complete this assignment.

This is somewhat like the kind of real work you do when you have a working application and want to add a feature the the application. First - don't break what you have working.

Adding Search

The well sample application contains code you can adapt to implement the code to search the title and text:

To avoid getting too much broken at one time - it is probably a good idea to make search work and then further evolve your code to support tags.

Adding Support for Tags

The tagme application adds a tags field to the model and and adds support for tags to the user interface and search code.

You should also review the documentation for the django-taggit library at:

You might find the easiest path is to use the taggit documentation to make your changes, looking at the tagme code to verify what you are doing.

There is a bit of an extra wrinkle when adapting the approach in tagme because we are using a ModelForm in order to process uploaded pictures. The key is that you have to save the tags after the form has been copied to the model and the model has been saved because the tags are stored using a many-to-many data model.

In your code you will need to (a) add 'tags' to the field list and (b) update the code in the commit to look like:

    if commit:
        self.save_m2m()    # Add this

In your, we have our own code to pull data from the form to the model and then save the model. This code is in both the insert and edit views:

    # Adjust the model owner before saving
    inst =
    inst.owner = self.request.user

    form.save_m2m()    # Add this

You need to add the save_m2m() call after the instance was saved.

Finally, the detail template for the tagme application contains code that can be adapted to display the tags in your application.

Manual Testing

It is always a good idea to manually test your application before submitting it for grading. Here are a set of manual test steps: