Django Database Web Site Project

In this project you will develop a database-backed web site using Django. The goal is an open ended project that you could use as part of your portfolio and give you experience in developing something that you have defined.

You should develop the project in github as it is important to track effort as the project evolves. It is up to you as to whether you want a public or private github repository. In general it is acceptable and gently encouraged to use a public repository as public github work is a valuable addition to your portfolio.

Project Specifications

These specifications are very wide-open to let you really make your own choice as to the nature of your project.

Project Ideas

These suggestions are not intended to limit you or contradict the specifications but instead to help you get started. Here are some broad categories of projects that you might find interesting.

Previous Projects

This is a partial list of some of the previous projects that have been done. These tend to fall into the first category where the starting point is a dataset.


There will be a number of small milestones for this project to give you more opportinuty to get feedback as your progress.