Milestone 3: User Interface

For this milestone, you will begin to develop the user interface for your project. Think of this as a flexible "brain storming" phase of your project. Like in previous milestones, you will get a chance to revise your UI design and can still change it quite dramatically with no negative consequences.

You will be turning in 4 images - depending on the complexity of your project, you might need to put more than one screen per image. At this point, you can use a lot of different tools to "describe" your user interface.

In general keep this phase fun and light - focus on ideas - not the prettiness of the ideas. Get somthing is good enough to communicate you ideas, and then share it and get feedback. Multiple revisions is more important that making the first UI layout gorgeous. You don't want to have spent so much time making your first design so pretty thant you are resistant to change that might come from suggestions.