Milestone 4: Data Model

For this assignment, begin to develop your data model. Usually your data model has one central table and then a number of tables that are connected either directly or indirectly via foreign keys.

The most common connection is a one-to-many connection. These one-to-many tables are often called a "lookup table" because they replace replicated string data in a column with an integer foreign key pointing to a row in the lookup table. For example, when you are making a database of automobiles, the name of the make (i.e. Ford, Chrysler, Tata, Kia, etc.) is stored in a lookup table.

The next most common connection is a many-to-many connection that uses a junction / connection table table. Classic examples of many-to-many tables are friend lists or membership in groups. Blog post comments would be another example where one-to-many makes the most sense. Each user can make more than on comment on a blog post and each blog post can have comments for more than one user.

For this assignment you will build a diagram of your data model and a file. We are looking for a that describes your tables (models) and fields and captures the foreign key relationships. It does not have to be ready-for production yet. It is more of a draft and so it is nice to make it a little easier to change if you get comments.

You can use any tool to draw your data model diagram, from a whiteboard and paper to a complete modeling tool. At this point focus on something that is easy to edit and change as other people look at it and give you comments.