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Cookie Autograder

This is an autograder to make sure you can find cookies.

SQLite Autograder

This is an autograder for SQL assignments from


This is an autograder for the CRUD Based Django assignments from

HTTP Autograder

This is an autograder for HTTP assignments from

Web Autograder

This is an autograder for HTML assignments from

Django Tutorial Autograder

This is an autograder for Django assignments from

Simple Attendance Tool

This is a simple attendance tool that allows the instructor to set a code and the students enter the code.


This tool allows you to track as students access and watch a YouTube video. You can track both student launches and vierwing behavior within the video. You can assign grades to students for watching the video or based on how much of the video they have watched.

Peer-Graded Dropbox

This tool provides a structured dropbox that can take images, URLs, text and code. These tools can be peer-graded, instructor graded, or a blend of peer and instructor graded assignments.


This tool provides a quiz engine that supports the GIFT format. GIFT is a line-oriented plain text question format that is simple to understand and easily edited by hand or even stored in a repository like github. The quizzes can be exported into QTI 1.2 format for import into other systems.


SQL Test 1

A simple SQL test harness



A second link to SQL